Our Services

Isaacson Tax & Estate Advisors, Inc., offers educational retirement planning presentations at local restaurants and onsite at many over 55-community clubhouses in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We also offer family oriented personalized services with our "no-cost" retirement planning consultations at our office or in your home if you desire.

What sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we are independent, and are not forced to work with any one particular company.  The companies that we do business with are all highly rated and offer a diverse range of options to meet our client's individual needs.

We work with people of all ages from all walks of life. You can engage us on either a one-time basis or as needed. You receive personal attention. Whether you are building assets for the future-or seeking to protect, enjoy, and pass on those you already have. Isaacson Tax & Estate Advisors is ready to help with sound professional advice.


Your financial objectives may include:

  • Creating and preserving personal wealth
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Maximizing wealth transfer
  • Minimizing the risk of financial catastrophe
  • Protection against inflation
  • Reducing tax burdens
  • Securing retirement income

Our services to help you reach your goals include:

  • A second opinion on current financial planning and investments
  • Analysis of insurance needs
  • Asset and investment management
  • Cash flow expense planning
  • Estate planning
  • Long-range and life-style planning
  • Lump-sum distribution advice
  • Retirement planning strategies

After evaluating your goals and risk tolerance, we can create a personalized investment plan that is in harmony with your financial objectives.


Some products we offer are:

Life Insurance,  Long Term Care,  Reverse Mortgages and Annuities.


At Isaacson Tax & Estate Advisors we provide assistance in the following areas:

Investments: Bonds, Common Stock, Educational IRA, Brokerage Accounts, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, Treasury Bills, Government Securities, Treasury Notes, Variable Annuities.

Financial Planning: Retirement Plans, Tax Plans, 401(k) Planning, 403(b) Planning, Collage Plans, Estate Plans, Money Purchasing Plans, Profit Sharing Plans.

Insurance: Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Long Term Care.

Tax Planning: Relocation Tax Issues, State Tax Return Preparation, Tax Return Preparation, Individual Tax Preparation and Planning, Income, Gift and Estate Tax Returns

Legal Review: Will Preparation & Review, Trust Analysis, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Medical Proxies.